For Teachers: Useful websites


Today I’m gonna share with you teachers some websites and online resources that I usually use to prepare classes, as I’m currently a private teacher and I always make use of ESL websites. They are extremely helpful and the best thing is: you can (and should) be creative and use many different techniques to teach a lesson. For instance, if you find an online podcast, you won’t ask students just to listen to it and tell you what they could grasp. You can go further than that and teach specific grammar topics, prepare a conversation class and several other things. Just be creative and think about what you would like to do in that activity if you were the student 🙂


  • Busy Teacher
    I would say this is a card up our sleeve! You just have to register and it’s done. When you have to teach something in a more fun way, such as a game or when you have no idea how to make it more dynamic, you can download files from this website by looking for the topic you want. 
    This is an ESL podcast website developed exclusively for ESL/EFL learners. You will find the audio file, the transcript, some words in bold in order to work with vocabulary and many other stuff.
  • VOA
    If you enjoy working with news in class, this is a complete website with lots of resources: audio files, transcripts, videos with idioms and expressions, quizzes etc.
  • Pearson ELT
    This website provides us with several kinds of teachers’ resources, such as PDF lessons, guidelines according to topics that will be taught and so on and so forth. It’s necessary to register first.
  • Engvid
    Probably all of you have already checked this website because of the Youtube channel. Sometimes, having students listen to a long grammar explanation is not always effective. Try out these videos and have fun! Also, there are quizzes and other resources on the website.

I hope you like it!


For teachers: Games and fun ideas

Hello everyone!

Since I started teaching four years ago, the first language school I used to work at required me to prepare weekly extra classes. I had some difficulties doing so as there were many different age groups in my classrooms, from 10-year-old kids to 60-year-old ladies.Of course nowadays different ESL materials and resources are found on the internet to help us, but I was looking for a different material, in which I could adapt it and turn my classes into something more dynamic. I’ve never thought I could find a book with games and fun ideas to my classes when I found the books below:

I bought only the second book – Jogos Divertidos para a sua aula de inglês Vol. 1 – but now I’m willing to buy the other ones. I have also found out Cem Aulas sem Tédio, written by Vanessa Amorin, developed for Foreign Language Teaching and another one named Teacher Tools, written by Vivian Magalhães. Unfortunately I haven’t read any of them yet. If you have, please let me know and share your opinion!

Now, let me share with you what kind of games you can find in the second book. I guess everybody knows there are several types of intelligence, right? So, all the games in the book are divided into intelligence types, such as Linguistic Intelligence, Bodily-Kinesthetic intelligence, Logical-mathematical intelligence, Spatial intelligence, Musical intelligence, Interpersonal and intra-personal intelligence.

For each game or activity, you will find the name of the activity, the topic (e.g.: Adjectives), level of students and material used. Then, you will find all the procedures of the activity. You can also adapt the topics or make some changes that you believe will be more efficient for your students.

I hope you like it!

Take care!